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Fast Forward to Two Years Later...

Hey, everyone!
How've you been doing?

Two years passed in the blink of an eye, huh?
At least that's how I felt about it. I just finished writing an e-mail to my pen pal slash fellow blogger,
and that was when I realised, I haven't checked nor updated my blog for a long time.
Once I did, I saw that the last post was two years ago, and I could only sigh.
I could imagine my readers from 2015 started to stop checking my blog because it's now a ghost blog.
I'm planning to revive this blog, though, into a zombie blog.

Ha ha.
Bad jokes aside, I think I should break the two years hiatus with some updates about what has been happening in my life these two years, which made me disappear without trace (except for people who follows me on social media).

I graduated Japanese language school this March, and started attending college on April.
I was planning to take 2D animation as my major, but after some considerations, I decided to take 3D Computer Graphics instead.

In the college, I mainly learn how to use a 3D creating program called Autodesk Maya, which makes me realise that there are so many process I must go through before a 3D character can move, and longer process for the character to be in a movie.
It is a difficult program although it is in English (thankfully), and Autodesk Maya is the reason why I mostly stay at home even during weekends. With no topics to write on my blog.

From now on, I will try my best to update often with posts that are worth reading.
I hope I will get my readers back and hopefully more blogger friends to write e-mails with!
For students who just started college, welcome to college!
Let's do our best!

Thanks for reading!
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Happy New Year's Eve! What Happened to Me All These Times?!

Hey, everyone!
How've you been doing?

First thing first...
I'd like to say happy new year's eve to everyone who just arrived to this blog by accident, or my frequent readers. 
Hope you all have a pleasant new year!

It's been a while since the last time I wrote here, hasn't it?
January 2nd will be the day that shows that I've been staying in Japan for 3 months. Sigh, time sure flies fast.

I remembered how I tried so hard to assure my Mom that I'll be okay although I'm going to be alone in Japan. My family members were super worried.
And after I was done with all that, I arrived here in Tokyo, and the first two weeks were torture. Everything was fine, but I was being melancholic all day. 

When I was out with my friend, I was fine.
But in the evening when I returned to my room...
Nnnnnope. Just nnnnope.
I didn't even tell the details to my Mom about my homesick mental attacks, because I knew she will be super worried. 
She did tell me that she misses me too, and how my Sister told her it's normal to feel that way on the first week.

Thanks, Sis, that statement really helped a lot.
I really thought I had some kind of mental illness or something.
Really. I was overreacting.

I remembered how I wished school will start sooner so I can start distracting my mind from that so-called 'homesickness', and when the school did start, I was reaaaally happy when I got a lot of homework from my teacher. It's like, studying is my only way to escape this 'empty' feeling in my heart.

... But it was soooo 3 months ago.

I still like to study, and do my homework, because this is why I come here, right?
I have nice and witty friends, kind teachers, good place to live in.
I even won a lottery during the school's Year End Party. I got a gift card.
And that gift card really helped me with my groceries for around one week.
I still do miss my family, but I don't feel overly sad anymore when I think of them.

Now I'm enjoying my winter break, which started on 19th December, although I still need to study. I finally finished my thick winter homework last week, so I got to rest a bit. My New Year's Eve plans?

1 month before my departure, I started to get addicted to Japan's national boyband called Arashi, which literally means Storm. I think I've mentioned one of the member's name in the previous post, and I think I should make a certain blog post to talk about them soon.

So, today I read that they will perform a medley on Kohaku Uta Gassen, some kind of singing competition every new year's eve, probably to show who's more popular, and to show just-debuted band this year. Come to think of it, it's like Youtube Rewind, but they 'rewind' the J-songs this year. 
Aaaand... There will be Johnny's Countdown too. Johnny's is Arashi's company, just like Miss A's JYP. Every year there is a year-end concert, called Johnny's Countdown.

So... I think my New Year's Eve plan is kind of obvious.
No, I don't plan to go outside because it's cold and I'm sure the popular places here are crowded.

I choose to stay indoors and watch TV with my friends.

How are you going to spend your night before New Year?
I hope you'll be having a lot of fun!
Thanks for reading!

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1 Week as a Foreign Student!

Hey, everyone!
How've you been doing?

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote a post! 
Gosh. I am so sorry. It's just... 
I don't know what to write and I'm quite busy these days...
No, actually, I'm quite busy this whole week.

Because, finally, I am in my favorite country, Japan!
Maybe I have mentioned in my posts before, that it's my dream to study here.
And, here I am! Sitting in front of my laptop computer, on my own studying desk, in my own room in the language school's dorm. I live in a dorm in Oota-ku.

I shared an apartment (yeah, the dorm is an apartment) with three Korean students and one Thailand student. They are older than me, and they are so kind!
The only problem is, I'm not good enough in Japanese, so we don't talk much.
That makes me want to learn Japanese more diligently, actually.
When I arrived, three of my sharemates were in Korea (2 Koreans returned to their hometowns, and the Thailand student was visiting Korea) but last night, we're all complete. Yay!

The Indonesian students in my language school are nice, too, they made a group chat in LINE Messenger, and every Sunday, we will meet. They introduced me to places like Nakanobu, Ebaramachi and Togoshi, to buy stuff in 100 Yen shops and supermarkets. I also went to Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Akihabara with them (details later).
We don't always go around as a group, sometimes I just ask one or two of them to accompany me, but for me, when we're all together, it's more fun!

Oh, it sounds like I'm having a lot of fun, right?
Maybe it's because I have gotten used to this lifestyle by today. 
It's been more than 1 week. I arrived on October 2nd, and my first four days are the worst. I felt happy when I met up with my new friends, but then when I arrived to my room, and closed the door, I feel so lonely.
Well, in Jakarta, I always lock myself in my room, but I know my parents are downstairs so it was fine, but now, I realized that I really am alone. Literally.
Kind of sad. I miss my friends and my family in Jakarta (and other countries) a lot, and because I haven't adapted yet at that time, I felt so sad every night.

I mean, I still miss them but I don't feel lonely anymore. 
The school has started too, so I don't have time to be melancholic. I must study!

... I must study, aaand... bought two more cartons of milk, and this, and that...

Well, other than that, the food is great, because I love Japanese food!
I also started to get used to walking everywhere.
I've got my Pasmo, too, so life has been better.
Just like what Ohno Satoshi said, Pasmo is the best.

I'll try to update this blog more! As you can see, I changed the title.
If you are interested in studying here in Tokyo, just ask me on the comments.
I will try to answer them!
Thanks for reading!
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Long Time No See || Dengue Fever!

Hey, everyone!
How've you been doing?

I wonder how many times I have made this kind of post --the long-time-no-see post. I don't even know how to apologize to my readers anymore.
It's 2015 already, my gosh! Happy belated New Year! 
Happy passed Valentine's Day too!
Happy late Chinese New Year! And... Late April Mop!

Since January I have faced a lot of events (and exams) I didn't have time to type in here. I tried to keep a journal, but it only worked for almost one month. 
I got too tired to write after a long day at school, or I was just too lazy. 
You know, when you write in a notebook, your journal becomes too personal, knowing that no one would read it. My journal ended up being filled with my rants and vents.  There's nothing good to copy here!

I just have the chance to write now, after a while.
To be honest, I just (almost) fully revived from my illness.
Yes, I was imprisoned in my room for around 3 days, (from April 20 to April 22), forced myself to go to school on Thursday, because my fever got down, and red rashes appeared on my skin. I was told to go to the hospital, so I did.

During those days I always cried like a baby, until my friend needed to call me to console me, because on April 25th there was school prom. 
But when I checked myself to the doctor, she told me that my thrombocyte reduced to 141 from the normal, 150. 
Thinking that by drinking red yeast rice water would increase my thrombocyte, my Mom refused the doctor's offer to let me stay in the hospital.

I was happy, thinking that I would be able to go to the prom.
Until I was told to stay in on Friday, after the second blood test. 
By this time, it's reduced to 77.  
In the end, I couldn't go to the prom. Sigh.

On Saturday, some of my classmates and my English teacher visited me, but they didn't stay for a long time because they wanted to prepare themselves for the prom. On Sunday some others came to tell me about the prom (thank you very much), but I was pretty entertained by those who came, thank you! On Tuesday, almost all of my classmates came, the room became cramped but it's fine, it's better that way, really. 

On Saturday. I still looked fine. 
That is the only picture I took during my stay in the hospital.

I can't really tell you how horrible it felt to stay in the hospital, although your room is a VIP room, with TV and stuff, with no restricted visiting time. All I can say is, I'm really relieved. 

My appetite has been weird after the stay though. 
The food in the hospital tasted just fine but after a while I started to feel nauseous all the time and refused to eat. Actually, since the first day of the stay I've wanted to eat sushi.

Well, in the end, I was discharged, and the world became wobbly. 
I felt really tired during the first 3 days, all I did was lie around, I felt like a lazy bum. I couldn't walk properly, even until now when I try to walk faster or crouch, I feel a bit dizzy.

But until now, I feel hungry all the time, like, really.
I don't know whether it is a good or a bad thing, but meh.
I hope I won't need to stay in the hospital anymore, it's really... traumatizing. In some ways I can't explain.

Today I am going to go to the hospital again for another check.
I hope I would be fine. Sigh.
Thanks for reading!